Our Vision

Thriving children. Healthy families. Powerful communities.

Our Mission

Open Arms provides community-based support during pregnancy, birth, and early parenting to nurture strong foundations that last a lifetime.

Working in the Puget Sound region since 1997, Open Arms Perinatal Services is a nonprofit focused on strong community-based support for women through pregnancy, birth, and early childhood. Open Arms has served over 3,000 clients and conducted over 22,000 home visits to help improve maternal and infant health, as well as build healthy foundations for early learning. We currently support 17 different languages, and serve over 300 new mothers and over 300 babies each year.

Pregnancy, birth, and early childhood are pivotal times when positive impact is most profound—and when the cost of being unsupported is equally profound.

Through doula care, education, and new mother support groups, we achieve greater physical and emotional health for mom and baby, strengthen crucial mother-baby bonding, and boost long-term parenting skills.

“My doulas helped create and support an environment of love, humor, reverence and confidence for us, and I recall my labor with feelings of joy and triumph. I wish all women would enjoy such a gift!”

Our doula services may include home visits during pregnancy, on-site support at birth, and continued postpartum support into early childhood.

Doulas are trained community health workers to provide physical, emotional, and informational support to pregnant people before, during and after childbirth. Open Arms birth and community outreach doulas have a unique ability to reach and work with communities affected by inequity. As trusted members of the communities they serve, doulas are intermediaries between the health care and social services systems and community members, while helping to ensure that services are provided in a culturally-appropriate way.

All of our ethnically-diverse, multilingual doulas receive extensive training through established local training and certification programs.

Birth Doulas provide community-based doula support and case management services starting in the third trimester of pregnancy and up to three months postpartum. Giving birth is a big life transition. Our doulas can help with the physical and emotional needs that arise in the immediate postnatal period.

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Outreach Doulas provide culturally and linguistically aligned support and early parenting education up to two years after birth. Our nationally accredited program promotes positive early parenting so that emotionally and physically healthy children can enter kindergarten, ready to learn and thrive.

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Partner Spotlight

Open Arms partners with many organizations that share commitment to supporting pregnant parents, healthy babies, and thriving communities. See the full list of partners.

Heartfelt gratitude to local partner WestSide Baby. In one year, WestSide Baby has provided supplies for 74 Open Arms families — that’s over $15,000 in support.