13. Limitation of liability. OUR LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THIS AGREEMENT WILL NOT BE THE AGGREGATE FEES PAID BY YOU TO US FOR US FOR SERVICES PROVIDED UNDER THIS AGREEMENT DURING THE THREE (3) MONTHS PRECEDING THE ACT OR GIVING RISE TO SUCH LIABILITY. Notwithstanding the limitation of liability, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from: (a) services and/or data provided by you or on your instructions. b) a virus whose prevention was beyond our proper control; (c) a third party who has access to your accounts, including, but not just access to your data, without fault or negligence on our part; (d) the loss, destruction or damage of information you provide as a result of an act or omission or possession of third parties; (e) the loss, modification or accidental disclosure of information on or via our internet banking platform, which is the result of a system malfunction; (f) the performance of your hardware or software; (g) their actions or inaction and the resulting loss of confidentiality of security codes; (h) any act, act or omission in error related to our acts or omissions in connection with our acts or omissions in connection with our acts or omissions in connection with our acts or omissions, except for our gross negligence or intentional misconduct; (i) insufficient or unavailable resources on one of your accounts; (j) your failure to follow our procedures or provide us with sufficient and accurate information in a timely manner to provide a service; (k) objects presented to us without reasonable delay, so that we can act before a reference hour; and (l) issues for which we will be held accountable by other means in this Agreement and other agreements between you and us. In addition, we are not responsible for the non-delivery of services and we will be excused that, in our reasonable judgment, these measures or omissions lead to a violation of the forwards, laws, regulations, executive orders or requirements of a government authority or would lead us to an uncertain or unsurdy practice. 2. Services. Your signature on the corresponding registration forms is your consent under this agreement.

This contract sets out the conditions for all services that you can access exclusively through eCorp, unless we agree otherwise. All references to the agreement include all applicable schedules, exhibitions, addendums or registration forms. Some specific services must be selected by you using the registration forms, as explained in Section 10. From time to time, you can request additional services, each at our sole discretion. Our liability in the event of non-transfer If we do not subscribe to a transfer to or from your account on time or at the correct height in accordance with our agreement with you, we will be liable for the amount of losses or damages that you have suffered and which result directly from such a failure. We are not responsible in the following cases: (1) If you do not have enough money in your faultless Citizens Bank account, you do not have enough money in your account to make the transfer. (2) If circumstances beyond our control (such as fire, flood, power outage, equipment or technical fault or failure) prevent transmission despite the appropriate precautions we have taken. (3) If an account is blocked or if access to your account is blocked in accordance with banking policy.

(4) Your funds are subject to legal proceedings or other charges that limit the transfer. (5) If your transfer authorization expires by law. (6) If you believe that someone has accessed your accounts without your permission and you do not immediately notify citizens` bank. (7) If you have not complied properly with the planning instructions set out in this agreement.