6. FALSE ALERTS AND ABUSE OF SERVICE. You agree that you and others who will use the device will use it carefully to avoid false alarms. False alarms can be caused by forces beyond our control. If we receive too many false alarms, it is an offence on your part and we can report this agreement and the monitoring service. If a government authority or other person charges us a fine or fine for false alarms or a response fee, you will pay these fees. The subscriber also recognizes and agrees that the monitoring service may be blocked from time to time due to excessive false alarms, inappropriate signals and “problematic accounts”. 20. AMENDMENT AND WAIVER. This agreement can only be changed in a letter we have signed. The amendments that we inform and publish on the company`s website at the www.Freeus.com address are considered documents that we have signed Each amendment to this Agreement takes effect immediately if it is published on the company`s website and your continued use of the Services after the publication of an amendment constitutes your consent to the amendment and your consent to the amendment. 3) Authority to obtain all account information regarding the security system and alert history. You agree to pay all sales, services, real estate, user fees and local taxes; all costs, police, firefighters, ambulances or ambulances; and any authorization fees, telephone fees, refund fees or late fees, if applicable, that you or we charge.

We have the right to increase service charges at any time to reflect taxes, licenses, permits, additional or increased fees that may be charged to us by a utility company or government agency, the centre or a private response service in connection with the monitoring service, and you agree to do so. A flat fee of $2.00 will be charged by Freeus for any fees charged by Freeus. If it is necessary for us to take legal action to recover payments against under this Agreement, you agree to pay us our reasonable legal fees for such a collection transaction, unless it is prohibited by law. Most police departments require that you register with them and obtain permission to send them. TRi-D-FX will notify you at the time of sale and at the time of installation if you have a registration obligation on your site. It is your duty to obtain permission and provide TRi-D-FX. If TRi-D-FX is not allowed, this can lead to an increase in false alarm charges and, in some cases, the refusal of local authorities to report to you in the event of an alert. In addition to the above, TRi-D-FX records the name and phone number of each contact to be called in case of an alarm. You can assign a passport code to each contact person. Your contacts also have the option to change their own passport codes. (a) If you substantially violate this agreement, including, but not just non-payment, if due, we can terminate the monitoring service and terminate the agreement. If the service is suspended because you violated this agreement and you ask us to reactivate the device after healing such an injury, pay the applicable reconnection fee in advance.

You allow us to review your credit report and report your payments in accordance with this agreement to credit agencies and credit agencies. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THE DEVICE DOES NOT WORK WITH DEVICES USED BY OTHER COMPANIES OR MONITORING CENTERS. The Subscriber understands and accepts that the company`s obligations and obligations with respect to the provision of the device, the monitoring service and other services derive exclusively and exclusively from this Agreement and not from others.