The United Arab Emirates seemed equally eager to revive the IA:[10] In 1988, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates discussed with Qatar its reintroduction to the IA, which signed a closer cooperation agreement between Egypt and Qatar in the areas of culture and communication. [11] Today, Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim El-Terras, President of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, and Eng. Ahmed Mekki, President and CEO of Bena Corporation, witnessed the signing of an agreement between Bunia Cables and the engineering consulting group to design and monitor the construction of the company`s new headquarters. Structure wiring and manufacturer of structures for fiber optics. This agr… The K-8E is an Egyptian variant of Chinese hongdu JL-8 exported under the name Karakorum-8 (or K-8) to (among others) Pakistan, Zambia and Myanmar. Production of K-8E at the AOI Aircraft Factory began producing a total of 60 K-8s in 2000 at a five-year price under an agreement between AOI and CATIC, China`s national aerospace producer. The contract, worth $347.4 million, was signed in 1999 as part of Chinese President Jiang Zemin`s state visit. [16] Initially, most of the parts were manufactured in China and the aircraft were assembled in Egypt, but at the end of the program, the production had to be done entirely in the AOI Aircraft Factory. In the end, 98% of each K-8E was manufactured locally. [14] The Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) has signed an agreement with the Agricultural Bank of Egypt (ABE) to implement the digital transformation and mechanization programme. El-Terras added that the agreement met EBA`s needs in several areas, including the provision of necessary technical equipment and equipment in its buildings. IA President Abdel Moneim El-Terras stressed that the agreement reflected President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi`s directives on Egypt`s digital transformation.

He also pointed out that AOI has provided all its skills and technological know-how for the development of Egyptian banks. Tokyo AOI is able to provide all services in our practical field in English, including the development, verification and negotiation of the following agreements. The agreement was signed in the presence of EBA President Alaa Farouk and Technical Advisor Alaa Negm, President of the IAA. Implementation of the agreement will be free of charge from the state budget for materials or maintenance and after-sales service, El-Terras said. AOI was created by its four member states – Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – in response to the threat of israel`s advanced defense industry. [3] AOI`s initial capitalization was $1 billion, which was equally contributed by the four Member States, although AOI, with understanding, is in Egypt. [4] Abdel Moneim El-Terras, AOI president, said in a press release Sunday that the protocol included the manufacture and production of various “biometric” digital identity devices such as fingerprints, facial recognition and irises, hand geometry for use in various civil and security areas in a way that serves the state`s directions towards digital transformation and benefits from IDEMIA`s expertise in local production.