Open Arms is connected to a wide network of experienced doulas.

Below is a list of Doulas in Our Community open to taking on clients. Please contact them directly using the information provided to see if they are available during the time of your estimated due date.

To find websites for these doulas, click the highlighted names. **Because we are connected to these doulas through the community, not all of them have attended an Open Arms training. We cannot guarantee their availability.

Lynn Lambie

Phone: 206-335-5574


Serves Seattle (central, south, and west), Renton, Kent, Burien, and Seatac.

I am a certified doula with seven years experience.

Amanda Alice

Phone: 206-403-0071


Serves the Eastside (Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Sammamish, Issaquah, etc.)

Amanda offers supportive and hands-on doula services and doula backup services for Eastside (Bellevue, Redmond, etc.) clients.

Cecil Whitney

Phone: 206-852-7418


Serves Seattle and south King County.

I provide sliding scale birth doula and placenta encapsulation services in Seattle and south King County, with a particular focus on LGBTQ people and families.

Michelle Walker

Phone: 206-379-7524


I bring experience, compassion, encouragement, and hands-on support including massage and acupressure.

Trish Lydon

Phone: 425-736-6786


Serves Seattle.

I do volunteer births for mothers who would not otherwise have support in the Seattle area.

Nelly Rabinowitz

Phone: 203-668-7410


Serves: South Seattle

Experienced doula.

Cristina Carnie


Serves Seattle, north to Everett, south to Tacoma, and as far east as Issaquah.

I offer compassionate, inclusive, and perceptive care dedicated to full support and advocacy. Currently not accepting free of cost clients, will accept sliding scale for payment.

Sahra Malin

Phone: 206-724-9966


Serves Seattle, the Eastside, Renton, Tukwila, Seatac & Kent.

I offer compassionate support throughout your pregnancy and labor. To help guide you to your powerful birth experience.

Caellyn Everson

Phone: 206-579-0854


Serves the greater Seattle area and the Eastside.

I am a Certified Birth Doula (DONA) and an INNATE Certified Postpartum Care Provider.

Sequoia Day O’Connell

Phone: 206-331-9852


Serves the Seattle city area.

Nonjudgmental, thoughtful, and creative doula support for pregnant people in the Pacific Northwest.

Linda Reyes Songer

Phone: 206-849-8305


Serves Seattle and King County.

I am bilingual (Spanish) retired Clinical Social Worker with extensive experience working with families, women and teens. Focus of my work has been with high-risk populations.

Kate Brickell

Phone: 206-617-8131


Serves the Eastside (Issaquah, Bellevue, Sammamish, Snoqualmie, Maple Valley)

I am a social worker who infuses that knowledge and skill set into my doula services.

Rocio Carranza

Phone: 425-280-8549


Serves: Snohomish County/King County

A POC Doula who is focused on the birth person’s desires and needs. Bilingual in Spanish and English.

Crystal Alexzandra

Phone: 305-747-9806


Serves: Snohomish County/King County

I provide evidence-based, compassionate and heart-led support for perinatal families. Provides birth and postpartum doula support.

Mary Ann Rohrer

Phone: 206-639-3495


Serves: Seattle, Edmonds, Everett, Shoreline, Eastside

I have attended over 30 births in the past 5 years.I am a DONA and PALS certified birth doula. Many of my births have been open arms births. I believe the most successful support can come from those who surround a pregnant woman. I want a woman to feel as though she is being held in her birth…..totally supported so that she can move right into parenting without the difficulty of grieving an unsatisfactory birth.

Ruth Njenga

Phone: 253-397-8602


Serves Seattle, the Eastside, and south King County (Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton, Tacoma, Covington, etc.).

I love doula work after being a therapist for 11 years.

Molly Carroll

Phone: 206-914-6154


Calming, supportive presence who believes in the power of pregnant people and families to make informed decisions and that healing starts from a place of trust and respect.

Aijanae Young

Phone: 206-822-7935


Fernanda Lopes Correa

Phone: 425-516-8014


I believe that birth with respect is the first step to building stronger connections between parents and your children, and that way we can be a community with deep solidarity.

Taylor Manuel

Phone: 360-525-7174


Serves the city of Seattle.

I am a new birth doula who is interested in supporting body autonomy and empowerment for birthing women and families.

India Posner

Phone: 206-819-1766


Serves from Capitol Hill to south Seattle.

I am a non-judgmental and flexible doula, offering support to families on their birth journey.

Breana Davis

Phone: 206-849-2641


Experienced community advocate, prospective doula and childbirth educator.

Mercedes Snyder

Phone: 253-285-0133


Serves south King County (Renton, Issaquah, Auburn, Kent, Federal Way) and Pierce County.

Samantha Fonteyne Crescioni

Phone: 206-369-5250


Serves Seattle and north and south King County.

I am a queer writer, doula, and perinatal educator who supports folks throughout the threshold of life transitions.

Laura Hmelo

Phone: 425.298.3256


Serves the Eastside, west of Snoqualmie and Snohomish Rivers. North as far as Everett and south as far as Renton.

My goal is to help every birthing parent feel as important and as cared for as the sweet baby they are bringing into the world.

Throughout your journey I will help you advocate for your ideal birth, support you with physical comfort measures and emotional fortitude during labor, advise your partner (if applicable) on best ways to support you and provide guidance during your early postpartum recovery. I am invested in getting to know your desires and preferences and helping you achieve a birth and early postpartum experience in which you feel heard and supported.

Rachel Fermino

Phone: 508-524-9494


Serves north as far as Bothell, the Eastside (to Issaquah), and south King County (as far as Kent).

I am determined in my life, adaptable on my journey, and empathetic in my doula service.

Hafidha Acuay

Phone: 503-750-7550


Serves Bothell, Kirkland, Woodinville, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, and Seattle’s northside and Northshore.

Traditional birth support for the 21st century family.

Kristina Brown

Phone: 360-969-3056


Serves Seattle, Renton, and the Eastside.

I navigate birthing people through pregnancy and birth.

Corissa Trice

Phone: 206-992-7336


Serves: Renton, Seattle, Tukwila, Burien, Des Moines, Federal Way, SeaTac, Kent, Covington, Auburn, Newcastle, Issaquah, Bellevue

I am a 35 year old wife and mother of two who recently trained as a Birth Doula and is working towards certification.

Dannah Norris

Phone: 206-817-5241


Serves: Seattle

My guiding philosophy in working with women and families is in discovering what a sense of safety looks like for them and reclaiming this connection to comfort and support that has been a principle in the childbearing process for all. I want to do everything I can to help parents in the community in achieving what they envision, the experience that gives them confidence and strength to raise their families independent and interconnected.

Amanda Squires

Phone: 206-890-4437


Serves: Greater Seattle Area which include King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties—within the greater Puget Sound region

I am the owner and operator of Atlas Birth. I am a Birth Doula serving the King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties. I support womxn in an empowered, non- judgemental and supportive birthing experience and offer 2 pre-natal planning sessions, support and advocacy for the duration of the birth as well as 2 postpartum sessions. I am a sliding scale Doula specializing in support for women of color, single mothers, low-income families or just those in need of a little extra TLC.

Davinah Simmons

Phone: 206-697-2408


Serves: King County and Snohomish County

I am a black Doula serving and supporting birthing folks during their birth and postpartum experience with a sensitivity and understanding of their intersectional identities and self expressions.

Hafso Nur Farah

Phone: 206-458-2812


Serves: Seattle

A respectful Doula who has the ideal understanding of clients needs.

Alexandra Owens

Phone: 907-401-0423


Serves: Edmonds, Alderwood, Lynwood, Moutlake Terrace, Shoreline, Kenmore, Kirkland, Woodinville, Lake Forest Park and north of Seattle

My goal is to help you create and live out the most meaningful and memorable birth experience.

Megan Jourdan

Phone: 601-831-1034


Serves: Greater Seattle

I am an experienced, loving Doula who offers free-of-charge doula services for qualifying families. It is vital to ensure that birthing parents and their families have access to providers such as doulas who have shared experience and backgrounds.

Amaryah Wolf

Phone: 206-498-2907



Serves: Seattle, South King County and Tacoma

I am a young, queer, mixed Black doula with an empathetic approach to this work that centers support and safety because our communities deserve deep and restorative care. Community-based doula support is important because experiences differ between groups, and families deserve to have their support person be someone who can understand their experiences and empathize with their concerns and fears. The ability for people of color to support and uplift our communities is one of the most important paths towards liberation because sharing experiences provides a level of comfort and familiarity that lends to caring for each other in deep and restorative ways *plays FUBU by Solange*

Ashleigh Griffin

Phone: 360-595-8085


Serves: Seattle

I have demonstrated my commitment to children and am passionate about serving their parents, who I believe can change the world. I think the most effective change occurs when communities are empowered and able to take care of their own. I’ve seen firsthand the effects of families being separated from each other or not having the support they need to take care of each other, and I believe the most important thing I can do is serve the families and children of my own communities. When parents have the support they need in pregnancy during their children’s first years they are able to build strong foundations for their children so those children can grow up and serve their own community.

Yolanda Acosta

Phone: 425-281-6299


Serves: Eastside, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish Area

I’m a bilingual (Spanish) postpartum doula and I provide caring support for parents in the postpartum period. Chilbirth and the postpartum period is largely shaped by culture and our environment. Community-based doula is able to recognize the community needs of the family and better able to help when them during a very emotional and vulnerable time. This allows the doula to turn this experience into a positive and empowering one.

Charmian Toh

Phone: 312-420-1150


Serves: Seattle, King County

A herbalist and natural healer who is a trained birthing doula. I believe in the power of peer-to-peer support and in reaching out to pregnant women to provide doula services during the critical times of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum/early parenting.

Shanitra Fisher

Phone: 206-856-7497


Serves Seattle and south King County.

Sharyka Webster

Phone: 206-376-7334


Yasmin Mahamed

Phone: 206-697-3551


Serves the Southend. Somali and English-speaking doula.

Angela Hodge

Phone: 503-200-9256


I am a new birth doula, as well as a mother to three sweet children, who believes passionately that everyone who wants a doula should have access to one.

Serves: Vashon Island, Seattle, Greater Seattle Area

Andrea Vaughn

Phone: 541-647-3803


As a WOC I believe everyone should have access to a doula and no one should be left to navigate the birth process alone. My promise is to always be with you through the birthing process.

Serves: Greater Seattle Area, Bellevue, Snohomish County

Adelmut Xiadani Duffing Romero

Phone: 720-257-2388


I listen and I act accordingly. Spanish and English speaking doula.

Serves: King County

Randi Allred

Phone: 206-427-0225


I am a mother of 7 children offering compassionate, skilled birth doula services.

Serves: Greater Highline area, Burien, Normandy Park, Des Moines, SeaTac, Tukwila

Maya Eleazer

Phone: 360-799-1218


I provide advocacy and support to families during the transitions of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

Serves: Snohomish County, Seattle, Eastside

Anna Wolcott

Phone: 360-632-0680


Hello, I’m Anna. I live with my partner and our two year old SPIRITED toddler in N Seattle. I am currently offering my services as a birth doula to those that are not able to afford a doula – The journey to birthing is individual and every birth is unique – it is my hope as a doula to help navigate and support this journey with the intention of creating a safe, empowered and nurturing birth experience – I have BIG place in my heart for the amazing work Mama’s do and would love to work with first time Mom’s and teen/younger Mom’s.

Serves: Whidbey Island, Edmonds, Shoreline, Seattle

Chelsea Staples

Phone: 206-850-5426


I empower families who are expecting by giving them options and a voice of what they want.

Serves: King County