Birth Services for Pacific Islanders in WA state | A PIHB Talk Story

Join the Pacific Islander Health Board of WA on Wednesday, Dec 8 at 5PM for a round up and recap of Birth Services available to our Pacific Island Community through our collaborative partnership with Open Arms, Rainier Valley Midwives, Hummingbird Indigenous Doulas, Journey Midwives, and Global Perinatal Services.


We’ll speak with a partner from each organization that specializes in different aspects of maternity, prenatal, and post partum care—from child birth education, to birth and postpartum doula services, midwife care, birthing assistants and breastfeeding support.


We have been introducing and speaking on these services each month through this year–take a look at our YouTube channel archives! Find them here: bit.ly/PIHBYouTube


We hope this round up and reintroduction of services will help our communities take advantage of the often free, no-cost birth services to help our families prepare for healthy and supported pregnancies, birth and after birth (postpartum) care.

Find more info at www.pihealthboard.org


Watch the live stream here: https://youtu.be/mpMA6yPhnrs

The event is finished.


Dec 08 2021


5:00 am - 6:00 pm


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