Your labor has filled us with joy & love! More than 400 stuck with us through the weather!

Our community came together for our Labor of Love Luncheon on February 14th

to give expecting and parenting families facing poverty in King County

the love that all families deserve when welcoming a child.

We are still counting and additional gifts and matches are coming in, but we couldn’t wait to share that

together we raised close to $140,000!


Your contributions will give parents like Yasira, Erica, and Eriona the support of a skilled

community-based doula like Rokea during the life-changing perinatal period.

Thank you for your generosity and investment in our work!

If you were not able to attend, it’s not too late to show your love with a gift!

If you want to relive the magic, please watch the film by filmmaker devondeleñ

We would like to extend our gratitude to the special guests who helped create a compelling and inspirational afternoon:

·     Keynote speaker Angela Garbes, Author of Like A Mother, Journalist & Advocate

·     Frankie T. Manning, MSN, RN, 2019 Libin Egal Spirit Award recipient

·     Rokea Jones, Open Arms Community-Based Outreach Doula

·     Erica Armstrong, Eriona Smith & Yasira Njadoe, featured parents

Sincere thanks to our wonderful guests, table hosts, and volunteers. We couldn’t have done it without our extrarordinary event team who prepared for every possibility. Synchronicity Events, you are amazing!

Alex Sosa

Alexandra Farnum

Alissa Wehrman

Alyson Shumays & Julie Stein

Amity Kramer

Annie Kennedy

Annie Moffat

Betsy Leto

Christine Stansfield

Corey Griffin

Deandra Ludovice

Dila Perera

Elise Fogel

Erin McCann

Heather Chorley & Leigh Hofheimer

Jami Bess & Whitney Nakamura

Jen Fuller

Jen & Ian Hamilton

Jennie Capron

Kate Silvette

Kattie Jones

Keshia Porcincula

Kevin Proctor

Laurie Levy

Lisa Foss

Lynn Lambie

Mari Offenbecher

Megan Whalen

Nan Noble

Nika Cull

Pia Sampaga-Khim & Christine Stansfield

Rebecca Allen

Roger Capestany

Rokea Jones

Sarah Pulliam

Shelley Means & Camie Goldhammer Sheila Capestany

Srilata Remala

Suad Farole

Tammy Luthy

Tina Maloney

Tisha Frank

Toni Sarge

Tony West

Wendy Gordon

Yuka Takamiya

Yvette Gerrans


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