Doulas are the hands and the heart of what we do. Open Arms’ doulas provide support during the last months of pregnancy, birth and early weeks of life and during the time leading up to a child’s 2nd birthday.

Open Arms contracts with certified and trained birth doulas to provide free of cost, community-based doula support to families.

We are deeply committed to nurturing the potential of all doulas, especially those within communities that are most impacted by racial inequity and health disparities. We help connect prospective doulas from underrepresented communities to scholarships and other opportunities. We are proud that many of our doulas go on to become breastfeeding peer counselors, social workers, lactation consultants and midwives after collaborating with Open Arms.

Want to become an Open Arms Birth Doula?

Open Arms Birth Doulas Services contracts with a core team of doulas, who manage either a full- or part- time client caseload.

If you are interested in being part of our list of Doulas in Our Community, please follow this link for more info. We refer people to this list when a family does not qualify for our services or when our caseload is full. Families can contact doulas on this list directly for birth or postpartum services.

As spots open up on the Birth Doula Services Team, we will reach out to the list of Doulas in Our Community to let you know!

“Being an Open Arms doula, I am able to develop trusting relationships with pregnant and birthing people in genuine, loving, and authentic ways. Through this connection, I can support them with accessing health care and having the birth experience they want to have in way they may not have otherwise.  I love that this relationship is so mutually rewarding: I love learning and growing with my client, and knowing, so fundamentally, that I was able to support them during a crucial and formative experience.”

Our Community-Based Outreach Doulas are members of our staff and provide support up to a child’s second birthday. Click HERE for more information about this program.