A love letter

by Open Arms

Dear SVP,

We’ll make this short. And sweet. We heard you might be cutting the cord with us. We’re not ready for that. We want delayed cord cutting … like how about another 5 years of partnership? Our relationship was filled with bliss (and accrual accounting), and we just aren’t ready for it to be over. So we are writing this letter to let you know, we ARE NOT breaking up. Relationships are a two-way street (okay you’ve given us way more), and these big decisions need to be discussed, processed, and nurtured to new beginnings. Like a very, very … very, very long birth. SVP and Open Arms have a healthy, lasting attachment. We are not going anywhere right now.

Yes, we understand that you need to help others with your countless giving, resources, caring, and endless support. But we’re just over here thinking, What! When things are just getting interesting? Have you heard we have lots of cute babies over here? And we just read that the smell of newborns triggers major dopamine release. Enticing? We think so.

So maybe reconsider. Give us another chance. Five years. Ten years. Or maybe consider a life partnership with us. We think we’ve done our part. And we know we’re worth it. When we met, our budget was $600,000, and we were five-staff strong. We had a brand new Executive Director. Now look at us. 3.2 million dollar budget, quintupled staff plus one to 26. That’s like growing at the rate of five sets of twins plus an extra baby for good measure. We’re now developmentally in the teenage years at least. We understand that it is time for this partnership to end. But our pre-frontal cortex is still developing.

Won’t you miss financial assessing and real-time strategizing with us? Sometimes oxytocin gets the best of us. Like right now.

Sincerely yours, and forever your investee,

Open Arms

P.S. WE JUST HEARD ABOUT THE NEXT INVESTEE United Indians of All Tribes. We are so happy to pass the torch to them. We couldn’t be prouder of the work they are doing, and the budding relationship you two have. I know it’s a quick change of heart but that’s how we feel.

P.P.S. And by the way, we thought you should know, we are now supporting other organizations in the work we do, like you did with us. We learned so much from you. We are building new relationships all the time and putting our words and actions into motion. While we joke about crying on the sidelines, rest assured we are in the game and ready to reach more families than ever!

Thank you from the bottom to the top of our hearts SVP! You know where to find us, when and if you ever need us.

From the staff and board of Open Arms