As a tenant, you have a legal obligation to pay the rent for the entire rental period (usually one year), whether or not you stay in the rental unit. There are, however, a few exceptions. They`re next. If you leave before a fixed-term lease expires without paying the rest of the rent, it is called a breach of contract. Washington data rental forms can be used if the landlord and tenant have agreed to terminate their lease. If there is no lease (as with weekly rents), you can use the Washington Notice to Vacate to inform the other party in advance that you want to terminate the lease and evacuate the premises. Washington landlords are required to notify tenants at least 20 days in advance that they are terminating a monthly lease. If your reason for the lease is justified in Washington, you must inform the owner. Otherwise, you may have to negotiate with the landlord, especially if you are on a longer lease, such as the one that lasts a year. This will help you mitigate the legal and financial consequences. If a tenant breaks a rental agreement, the landlord can reduce the damage by continuing to charge the rent until he can rent the apartment again. If a landlord has to re-rent the apartment for less than the amount specified in the rental agreement, the difference can be charged to the tenant for the remainder of the rental period.

The owner may also charge the actual advertising costs, although there is no specific standard as to the amount he can charge, beyond the cost of reducing damage (RCW 59.18.310). Instead of continuing to charge the rent or in addition, they may try to withhold the tenant`s deposit or charge them a termination fee. Purpose. A letter of dismissal from Washington (“Notice to Vacate”) is a mandatory document to washington at the end of month to month. State law provides for at least 20 days` notice. However, state law does not require fixed-term leases to be terminated by the end date. The landlord-tenant law allows only four reasons for the tenancy agreement for the duration. This is: Tenants with fixed-term contracts for certain periods should evacuate the unit at the end of the lease, unless the lease is expressly renewed in the tenancy agreement or by written agreement with the lessor (RCW 59.18.220).