A happy support sometimes for transaction sales is to add only the minimum minimum of conditions and legalese on your site, but not the simple order/form contract for small offers. In other words, customers just sign the > first page< of the YC form and convert it into a one-page contract – and just refer to the rest as standard CG on your website. From a legal point of view, it`s not as "good" as being in your contract. But that`s something. . This investor recognizes that the shares and conversion shares must be held indefinitely, unless they are subsequently registered under the Securities Act or a derogation from that registration is available. This investor is aware of the provisions of Rule 144 of the Securities Act that allow the limited resale of shares acquired in a private placement under certain conditions; including, among other things, the existence of a public market for shares, the availability of certain updated public information about the company, the resale at least one year after the purchase and payment of the guarantee to be sold by a party, the sale is done through a "brokerage" transaction or in transactions directly with a "market maker" and the number of shares sold over a three-month period is not beyond the restrictions. Such an investor understands that the current public information, which is mentioned above, is not available and that the company does not intend to provide such information. This investor recognizes and understands that, notwithstanding any obligation under the rights agreement, the company may not comply with the current disclosure requirement of Rule 144 at the time of the sale of the shares or processing units and that, in this case, the investor may be excluded from the sale of those securities in accordance with Rule 144, even if the other requirements of Rule 144 are met. This investor recognizes that if all the requirements of Rule 144 are not met, it is necessary to register under the Securities Act or obtain an exemption from registration for any provision made by the underlying shares or common shares. This investor understands that: although Rule 144 is not exclusive, the Securities and Exchange Commission expressed its view that persons who sell limited securities received in a private offer other than a registered offer or under Rule 144 have a considerable burden of proof when they prove that there is an exemption from registration for such offers or sales and that these persons and persons engaged in the business make, at their own risk, persons and brokers involved in the transactions. .

This agreement, including the attached attachments, constitutes a complete and complete understanding and agreement between the parties with respect to the issues and their purposes. No party is responsible or is responsible for any other party with respect to the issues that are concerned here or by them, through guarantees, insurance or alliances, unless expressly stated in this document or in it. 💪Get serious 📋 Founder Accord: this form consists of a short and simple business creation agreement that defines the most fundamental structure for collaboration on a new idea or project likely to become a business. In addition, users can choose to provide a Gnosis multisig Wallet -Open, rent ESQ to submit an LLC. 1.2 Sale and issuance of shares. Subject to the terms of this agreement, each investor agrees to purchase several shares, not jointly, and the entity agrees to sell and issue the number of shares listed in the “Number of Series AA Shares” column in relation to that investor`s name on behalf of the investor at a cash purchase price of [the ] per share (the “purchase price”).